France China Cooperation Consulting - 中法绿色经济交流咨询公司

绿色化是人与自然协调、人类文明持续繁荣的要求 "
路甬详院士 - 2015 WGDO 扬州峰会讲话

"Green is the quest for harmony between Man and the Nature and for sustained prosperity of human civilization"  LU Yong-Xiang, speech in Yangzhou Summit 2015

" 我为何关注气候变化"

A high-level dialogue platform between France and China  for international environmental issues

Environment  -  Energy  -   Green Design  -  Sustainable Development
 环保    -    节能    -    绿色设计  -    可持续发展


                     7th April 2016 
   National forum of ecotech - Paris, FRANCE            法国生态企业全国论坛 - 法国巴黎
contact  联系人: Patricia DEON  戴雯霞


20th- 23rd May 2016 
World Green Design Forum - Yangzhou, CHINA
2016世界绿色设计论坛 - 中国江苏省扬州峰会
                            contact  联系人: Patricia DEON  戴雯霞

17th- 18th June 2016 
6th Blue Sky Award - Shenzhen, CHINA
                     第六届蓝天奖 - 中国深圳
                      contact  联系人: Patricia DEON  戴雯霞


Patricia DEON -  戴雯霞

Patricia DEON  has a background in sinology and lived three years in Taiwan during the years 1980 ; she is a French international consultant and has got twenty five years of business experience between Europe and Asian countries in different fields as international communication, foreign trade, public relations, tourism. Patricia DEON founded France China cooperation Consulting in 2008 in order to strengthen, to promote and to develop cooperation between France and China. The office is based in France, specialized in green business and providing Cooperation, Trade and Communication services to French and Chinese enterprises, institutions and individuals.
戴雯霞 是一位法国汉学家,也是一位国际绿色经济交流顾问师.她有25年在亚洲和欧洲 从事经济交流活动和国际交流、外贸、公关、旅游行业方面的工作经验.                   80年代有过3年的台湾生活经历。为了加强、发展、促进中国和法国之间的合作, 中法绿色经济交流咨询公司于2008年成立,位于法国巴黎市,向中法企业、政府机构和人 员提供合作咨询、 贸易服务和交流与沟通支持.

戴雯霞PEXE法国生态企业促进协会会员, 也是 PEXE CHINA 法国生企业促进协会中国代表处负责法国生态企业促进协会PEXE40个生态企业联合网以及超过5000家法国企业共同组建而成希望在生态活动领域构建该行业在法国的基础框架按地理区域以及行业划分,成立各 « 行动小组 »,以促进法国生态企业在海外发展。其中PEXE CHINA 中国代表处, 致力于开拓中国市场由我方来负责.

                      Member of PEXE 法国生态企业促进协会会员
                      PEXE CHINA Action Group   

Member of WGDO- French representative       

   世界绿色设计组织 - 法国代表
           推进生态文明,建设美丽世界!                          ____________________________________________________________________________________________________


Our mission is to promote ecological and economic exchanges between France, Europe and China, and the development of a circular economy

You are interested in international cooperation and you want to develop your business between  France, Europe and China ?
请您与我联系 !
We  would  be  happy to work with you and provide further consulting services during  your project

Let's work together and build an ecological civilization,
share a greener future !

     20th May 2015 - Yangzhou,  CHINA    
                               7TH WORLD GREEN DESIGN FORUM                                   "Green design helps green civilization" 

Speech of LU Yong-Xiang, Vice-chairman of  National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China, former President of the Academy of Sciences of China)

20th Octobre 2014 - Freiburg,  GERMANY    
                               6TH WORLD GREEN DESIGN FORUM                                   "Green city motivates green civilization" 

       11th June 2014 - Yangzhou ( Jiangsu) CHINA
              "Design Green boots global sustainable development" 
                                            "Earth Tree " ecological project  by GIE French Group                            



            21st October 2013 - Paris , FRANCE 
              "GREEN DESIGN : 
        Opportunities in China for French eco-enterprises" 
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Welcome to M.SHI DINGHUAN, Counselor of China State Council, President of World Green Design Forum
 with ADEME, Ministry of Environment, PEXE, Chinese Embassy and French eco-enterprises

   18 Rue des tables Claudiennes   69001 Lyon - FRANCE

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